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Music Mix Work Vol.2(恋は焦らず)

80年代からのDancehall黄金期のMixです。Love Punanny BadやShanty TownのRemixも作って入れてました\(^o^)/

Jamaicaからはグラミー賞とったShabbaやSuper CatにNinja Man、UKから早口DeejayのGeneral Leby、日本は90年終わり頃のFire Ballとかなんとか入れてます。1曲目のHurry LoveはソフトバンクのCMとかでお馴染みのやつのレゲエカヴァーです。原曲はThe Supremesのこれですかね。めっちゃ好きな曲です。




この12インチシングルが僕の持ってる曲の中でダブプレート除いて一番高いです。1曲3万ちょいしました笑 多分この曲はダブ取ってもらったほうが安いんじゃないかと思います笑





Track List

1.Intro - Take Mix
2.Yu Can't Hurry Love - General Levy & Jr Dun
3.Wickeder - General Levy
4.Champagne Body - General Levy
5.Action - Buju Banton & Nadine Sutherland
6.Wicke Dicke - Buju Banton & Nadine Sutherland
7.Live & Leam - Culture & Wayne Wonder
8.Stick By Me - Thriller U & Jphnny P
9.Come Back To Me - Anthony Malvo & Tiger
10.Dancehall Rock - Barrington Levy & Cutty Ranks
11.Love & Devotion - Luciano
12.Boom Bye Bye - Buju Banton
13.What Can You Do - Beres Hammond
14.Blaze Up Di Challowah - Sizzla
15.Can't Believe Mi Eyes - Bounty Killa
16.Magnum Boy - Bounty Killa
17.Time 4 The Love - Anthony B
18.Limb By Limb - Cutty Ranks
19.Duck - Red Dragon
20.DJ Of The Year - Horse Man
21.Bounce - Flourgon
22.Dead This Time - Bounty Killa
23.Gun In A Baggy - Little Lenny
24.No Boom Boom - Bunny General
25.Poco Man Jam - Gregory Peck
26.Sonia Come Back - Coco Tea
27.Caan Dun - Shabba Ranks
28.Kuff - Shelly Thunder
29.Bam Bam - Tigar
30.Jump Up - Admiral Bailey
31.Nowhere Better Than Yard - Admiral Bailey
32.Get Up Stand Up And Rock - Shabba Ranks
33.Crying Time - Coco Tea
34.Ah Murder - Pad Anthony
35.None A That - Tullo T
36.Rock It Tonight - Johnny Osbourne
37.Deh Wid You - Jr Cat
38.Vigilante - Buju Banton
39.Champion - Buju Banton
40.Stand Firm - Bounty Killa
41.Top A Top - Bounty Killa
42.Fitness - Bounty Killa & Angel Doolas
43.You Just Get Shot - Bounty Killa
44.Scare Him - Bounty Killa
45.Bun Out Di Chi Chi - Capleton
46.Gun Shot - Sizzla
47.Kill A Sound - Richie Spice & Mad Cobra
48.Execution - Collin Roach & Degree
49.My Sound Is Murder - Tony Curtis & Jigsy King
50.No Ice Cream Sound - Johnny Osbourne
51.Sound Killer - Nico Demus
52.Kill Ole Pan - King Everlord
53.Drum Pan Sound - Pliers
54.Killer Sound - Little Krik
55.We Do The Killing - Coco Tea
56.Hey Soundboy - Dr.Nuts, Major Christie & Emist Wilson
57.Two Sounds - Chronicle
58.Bad Boy Tune - Flourgon
59.Long Time Fren - Tippa Irie
60.Predominant - Papa San
61.Weed Man - Sluggy Ranks & Tuffest
62.Down In Jamaica - Red Fox & Naturalie
63.Sexy Body - Wayne Fire
64.Come Down - Super Cat
65.Lion Dance - Fire Ball
66.Big Up Yourself - Guan Chai
67.Feel'in So Good - Yoyo C
68.Dancehall History - Papa B & Boogie Man